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What is Wordshop™?

Wordshop is a workshop in self-talk.

Changing negative self-talk is one of the most powerful tools we can cultivate to improve our quality of life and relationships—both personally and professionally. Wordshop™, a workshop in self-talk, helps us pinpoint the thoughts that hold us back and promote the ones that can move us forward. Its introspective flash-writing ‘experiments’* are rooted in abject self-honesty without judgment. It sheds light on firmly held beliefs—many of which are unhealthy or unproductive—and then helps participants evolve them. The changes happen on both individual and group levels.

Changing our words cannot change some aspects of our lives; for instance, cure an illness or create a job opportunity that is already filled. But, developing the skills to change our words is a tool that can impact how we navigate challenges, which can lead to a big difference in our overall quality of life. For instance, how can we perhaps better cope with an illness, or realize and project our best attributes when that next job opportunity does arise?

How Does it Work?

A powerful element in storytelling is the character’s moment of recognition. When we witness a character’s self-recognition, we are often disarmed. This puts us at ease and makes us more capable of acknowledging our own truths. In Wordshop, Christine shares narratives that highlight these moments of recognition in her own life and experiences. Her transparent and authentic style immediately puts participants at ease, perhaps realizing they are not alone. The stories she shares present opportunities for recognition of the habitual, negative words we may tell ourselves.

Other parts of Wordshop™ are interactive. With actual pen and paper, participants engage in a variety of writing “experiments”*. Their writing undergoes an honest self-editing process that produces alternative, positive self-talk. From here, participants create a mantra–a roadmap to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

How does Wordshop differ from a Wordsworks Retreat?

Wordshops on thier own are shorter seminars typically lasting on hour to less than a day. Wordsworks are very intimate, intensive, immersive and multi-day retreats still anchored in the powerful story-telling and tools explored in Wordshop. In addition, Christine mindfully combines activities such as silent hikes, photo walks and other interwoven activities inspired by the Wordshops and astounding locale of each retreat.

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