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Windward: /ˈwin(d)wərd/


adjective: windward

  1. facing the wind


transitive verb

: to make or adapt to suit a special need or purpose


Windward Tailor is a woman-owned company dedicated to providing excellence in retreat experiences both for the client coming to us to curate a uniquely tailored experience reflective of their own mission and vision; as well for those in attendance. No detail, no matter how small, is left untouched, and those participating can expect only the best from the time arrival, until it is time to sadly depart.

​With a background of over 15 years as a high-end commercial photographer, producer, and creative director, as well as many forays into the event-planning world our founder Jody Zorn comes to retreat planning with a unique perspective. Not only does she and her team expertly account for every logistical detail required for each retreat to run smoothly; but also includes offering assistance with mindfully, conceptually, and creatively sourcing locales, venues, and activities that seamlessly lend themselves to making sense for your brand and particular message. As if she were creative directing and producing a shoot for one of her global hospitality clients, she offers for her out-of-the-box conceptual thinking and strives to bring fresh unexpected ideas, and touches, to each retreat she curates and coordinates. No matter how eccentric or impossible an inclusion may seem Windward Tailor will never shy from facing into the wind and will find the way to make it happen for you and your attendees.

​At Winward Tailor we pride ourselves in sourcing only the most unparalleled and remarkable venues in the United States and beyond; and tailoring each retreat we coordinate in a completely unique way. Our retreats are carefully curated to offer a blend of relaxation, adventure, and personal growth.

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